Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is the leading cloud-based electronic health records(EHR) platform in the United States of America. It is especially helpful for both doctors and patients based on it’s mission which is mainly focusing on delivering solutions in the sense that make a good connection between doctors and patients to drive a better health and save lives. As Practice Fusion is the fourth largest EHR, it is helping to reshape the future of health care.
It’s EHR is a most progressive tool for doctors and patients which facilitates to support a growing community of 30,000 active practices in order to deliberate better patient care. The providers are able to utilize ecosystem of connections which represent the largest healthcare ecosystem with over 600 partners subsuming billing solutions, imaging centers, labs, and third party applications. It has been expanding ability to aggregate clinical data and share it meaningfully in order to make healthcare better for everyone. The clinical research team is dedicated to providing insights that deliver better, safer and more efficient care. In addition to these, it subsuming a world-class multi speciality system which is led by a seasoned team of technology and healthcare veterans including investors and healthcare advisers who work tirelessly to provide advance healthcare system in the United States of America. It offers services which make healthcare better for everyone including labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, health systems, and other healthcare ecosystem along with doctors and patients.

Products & Features

Practice Fusion products are included EHR, charting, electronic prescribing, and labs & imaging. With the Electronic Health Record, you can stay on the leading edge of care through the cloud wherein you need not to download or hardware to manage. It will continuously provide you services such as automatic updates, chart on any device, integrated policy support, and free patient portal.


Through EHR automatic updates feature, you can experience the fastest implementation time that means you can create a new EHR for free in less than 5 minutes. During work flows, you can able to get the advantages such as personalized implementation, connect clinical services, integrate your practice and replicate your workflows. The dedicated implementation team and training courses will make sure that you’re up and running quickly. Under this fast implementation environment, you can receive one-on-one personalized training to ensure that your EHR is customized to your preferences and existing workflow. You can learn at your pace by using easy-to-use implementation guides, webinars and video tutorials.
The implementation of EHR is not time consuming process or not difficult to process it. With the use of this easy-to-use platform, you can easily improve your practice efficiency and reduce your operational costs. If you need any help while processing Practice Fusion EHR, you can make a call to customer service center which constitute unlimited training and support team and they will help you to sort out the issues. Using patient import system, you can get transition from any EHR, practice management, billing or scheduling software. With this automatic patient importing, you can save time and reduce manual data entry. In order to ensure the matching of information correctly, the company will directly work with you. The main benefits from automatic EHR system included risk-free sign up, flexible billing, easy setup, export specialists, phenominal support, 24/7 resources, automatic updates, and integrated feedback.
The predominant issue is that you’re required to choose the right EHR which can affect the success of your practice. Other more advantages are no costly contracts, no software to download or install, and no additional hardware to manage and there is no reason to sign up externally. Not only the creation of new EHR is possible at but also you can do quick transition to your new EHR. If you’re a professional doctor, you may able to transfer your patients from any EHR, billing, practice management or scheduling system with the help of export specialists. You can switch to one of the best billing partners with the available billing options at Practice Fusion. 


Based on unified practice management system, EHR coordinates a patient care by providing the services like scheduling, flexible billing, and task management. You can get industry leading medical billing software which helps to make sure you’re reimbursed for the work to do. The essential benefits of billing services included automatic eligibility checks, time-saving super bills, flexible billing options, and trained billing support. With the use of Practice Fusion’s billing service, you can get paid faster whether you manage the billing in-house or use a billing service. Because this billing system offers the best web-based medical billing software solutions which integrate directly into the EHR.
ICD-10 certified accurate claims having no extra medical billing software to download or install. Before, during or after the visit, you can check out electronically check insurance eligibility and record patient copays in your EHR. You can also easily create ICD-10 superbills which automatically pull information from your chart notes in order to reduce the duplicate entry and increase the accuracy of data. In addition to these, you can make a schedule at more convenience using The available facilities has been involved online patient scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, paperless patient intake forms, and automatic eligibility checks.  


You can save time with a clinical workflows which comes with a free library of customizable charting templates so you can quickly e-prescribe, send lab and imaging orders, and instantly share results from the patient’s electronic health record. Based on feedback from more than 112,000 providers, you can save time with EHR charting at The making of charting is efficient, natural and seamless design which make sure you’re charting patient visit the way you want. Through this charting, users can able to access thousands of medical charting templates built by providers and customize them to fit your workflow. You can enjoy the benefit of accessing the automatic favorite lists that means it will allow you to choose a specific list of frequently used diagnosis, prescriptions, and pharmacies for rapid charting and less manual entry.
With customization shortcuts, you can create dynamically populate patient information and templates in your medical notes. You can make a chart naturally by adding the benefits such as search for diagnosis codes by keyword, review patient health longitudinally with flow sheets, and use integrated dictation support. Natural language filtering and refinement suggestions will be available at in the sense you need not memorize another diagnostic code again. In order to monitor progress and identify potential gaps in care, you can easily track patient health data record over the time. By using integrated dictation support, you can chart the way you want, integrate your audio files, and keep all your relevant recordings at one place. Through the Practice Fusion Charting, you can eliminate the intake form data entry with online check-in. There is an availability to submit the electronic test orders from your patient’s chart with a workflow that’s simpler than paper. 


You can send e-prescription orders easily during the patient visit and this process of e-prescription can be done instantly. With automatic drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks, you can improve prescription accuracy and submit common orders faster using patient specific templates and frequent prescription lists. You can reduce out-of-pocket costs for your patient population. You can do help your patients to get medications if in the case of emergence. The prescription orders can be sent to any e-prescribing enabled pharmacy in the country so that you can save up to 20 hours a week by managing prior authorizations and formulary checks from EHR. Based on automatic medical reconciliations, you will be able to merge relevant prescriptions from your patient’s pharmacy. In addition to these, you can manage your patient’s medications from anywhere. You can verify your orders with e-prescribing reports which track prescription fulfillment from the pharmacy. With an easy-2-click workflow, you’re required to complete prescription refill requests electronically. You can prevent prescription fraud with integrated patient information that can be directly sent from PBMs. 

Labs & Imaging

In the labs & imaging, cloud-based connections mean your EHR is connected to Quest, Lab Corp, and hundreds of other regional and local labs. The imaging center services are included different technologies such as X-ray, CT-Scan, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, fluoroscopy, nuclear, PET, and more. From your patient’s chart, you can complete orders directly using your EHR and save frequently used panels as templates for faster re-ordering in the future. The flowsheets are mainly used for tracking patient’s information longitudinally and view a collated list of all orders and results to easily monitor patient adherence.
Smart lab results also provided by the company where you can receive results directly in your EHR, share results with patients, and send results to your referral network. Multiple care points improved at and they included online appointment, online check-in, clinical decision support, free patient portal, adherence & education, and population health management system. Before the visit, patients can get the advantages such as easily manage your appointments with online booking, gain insights with population health management programs, and save time with online check-in.

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